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cathryn ilani technology and education

It is fair to say that AI is set to change a lot about the way we live over the coming years and decades. AI has long been a staple of science fiction, but with a great deal of research and development going into the field, it’s a lot closer to becoming a reality. In many ways, it already is, with Siri and Alexa already being a part of our lives and the prospect of self-driving cars possibly being just around the corner.

The world of education has taken notice and has already started to incorporate AI into the classroom. So, how is AI changing the world of education today, and where might we be headed tomorrow?

Simplifying Administrative Tasks

AI is working to make menial and tedious tasks simpler in a variety of industries, and education is no different. It can automate schedules and handle a variety of other common administrative tasks. 

What’s more, it can go even further in the context of the classroom. AI can be “taught” an answer key and can thus grade multiple-choice quizzes and homework assignments, freeing up teachers to focus on other aspects of their jobs which require more creative thought.

Smart Content

In addition, AI can be used to create so-called “smart content.” This can include textbooks and lectures with links to video supplements online.

When Learning Goes Global 

Just about everything is becoming more globalized these days, and the education system is no exception. Students can connect to AI-powered programs that can teach any number of different subjects. Better still, these programs can be developed and shared anywhere in the world.

A Personalized Approach to Learning

Every student is different, which is why it is so important that teachers take a personalized approach to teaching. AI can help with that. With the benefit of AI-powered programs, teachers can track students’ progress and devise exercises and activities which suit their interests and needs perfectly.

AI is the future, which is why you’ll want to work to incorporate it into your classroom and lesson plans today.