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To say that the Internet has changed our lives over the course of the past couple of decades is an understatement, and something that you already know. What might be a surprise to you is just how many schools still don’t have proper Wi-Fi access or are otherwise lacking in basic digital infrastructure. This is a huge disadvantage for the students who attend those schools, not least because we live in a digital, Internet-shaped society now. Not having access to the tools which are sure to be part of their educational and occupational lives going forward is a major problem

As such, if your school is a little lacking in the way of the Internet and digital connectivity, you’ll want to look at different transformative ideas to help bring it into the twenty-first century.

Getting the Infrastructure

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have the infrastructure in place for your classrooms to be able to support Internet connectivity. That means making sure that everything is squared away on the IT side of things. Talk to your school’s IT personnel and see if they can help.

Setting Up a Cloud

In addition, you’ll want to look into setting up a cloud for your class.

This can be extremely useful because information uploaded to the cloud can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, so long as they have Internet access. This means that your students will be able to upload assignments and access notes and materials with a greater degree of ease.

Obtaining the Support of Administration 

As you might have guessed, setting all of this up can cost a pretty penny. Even if you wanted to, chances are your teacher’s salary alone won’t be enough to cover some of the costs associated with transforming your class into one with full Wi-Fi connectivity. That’s why you’ll want to make your case to school administrators as to why having Internet access is so important in today’s educational climate.

We all want our students to have the best, which is why you’ll want to put the time and effort into transforming your classroom into an Internet-friendly place.