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Cathryn Ilani Attendance

One of the most common problems facing schools is the question of attendance. Although, there is nothing particularly novel about this statement, as schools have faced attendance problems for as long as children have wanted to ditch school. Even so, as our world continues to be influenced by the online revolution, the impulse to attend meetings, including class sessions, has become all the weaker. Why join people in person when you can simply log on and communicate with them from the comfort of your own home?

While there is undoubtedly a problematic overtone to that impulse, it is nevertheless understandable. As a result, more and more schools are embracing online connectivity, with paperless attendance being the latest phenomenon to try to reconcile flagging attendance with this new technology.

Paperless Attendance

That’s why paperless attendance has begun to be used as an alternative in schools, especially for things such as Day One Syllabi.

When students go to school on the first day, one of the biggest things that they’ll need to do is get a paper syllabus with the school year’s plan laid out – but is this really necessary? After all, we live in an era where we can now just email that information to students and parents alike. 

That is precisely what many schools are starting to do, and there are many good reasons for doing that.

How It Can Help

In the first place, it makes it easier for students to receive that information – how many of us have lost those paper syllabi back in the day? Cutting out paper syllabi today can be more efficient and save a tree or two.

In addition, this allows for students to check-in and “attend” online while getting that information. This can be a big step for moving towards a system where children attend schools online. We already have online attendance, of course, but paperless attendance combined with paperless syllabi can lead to this phenomenon becoming even more prominent.

Finding ways to make school attendance easier for students can help increase their level of engagement, which is the whole point of attending school in the first place.