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Cathryn Ilani Student Data

One of the big questions facing the educational community is how to get students to engage – literally. With digital devices and the online world becoming an ever-bigger part of our lives, traditional methods of taking attendance and keeping track of students can seem largely outdated.

That being said, tracking software can be used for a lot more than simply keeping track of your student’s attendance. This new technology can also help teachers keep track of the areas in which students need more improvement, allowing them to assist them more efficiently.

How It Works

After decades of video games being one of the most powerful cultural forces in the world, we should all be more than familiar with the concept of high scores and keeping track of one’s score. With today’s kids growing up in a game and iPad-dominated world, the impetus to score and rank higher is all the greater. At the same time, the technology that can be used to track world high scores on a video game can be used to track students’ scores against one another on a given program.

That is precisely what some student tracking software seeks to do. Students take tests or compete against one another in gamified contests, and their progress relative to one another is tracked.

How It Can Help

As stated, this can be used to track students’ progress, which is always a major goal for teachers and parents alike. Student tracking software allows for a great deal of in-depth analysis of that progress or lack thereof as well, allowing access to the analytics of their performance. This can allow a greater deal of insight into where a student is struggling, which can in turn help determine the reason for the struggle. In an age when customization is becoming more prevalent and important than ever before, student tracking software can allow teachers to take a customized approach to their students’ particular needs.

With the benefit of student tracking software and the analytical insights it offers, we can examine and assist our students in a smarter way.