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Kids love playing video games. They also love to chase after their favorite characters. Plenty of apps combine education and technology to make learning fun and engaging. A wide range of educational apps for kids is designed to help them develop their skills and interests. 

Here are some of the top apps available that have the added benefit of being fun and educational for your child.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free educational app that offers various courses for students of all ages, including those in math, history, and economics. It is considered the gold standard of educational apps due to its wide range of subjects and the fact that it is free. Its YouTube videos cover various levels, including science and engineering, math, history, and social studies.

One of the most popular educational apps for kids is, which is available both as a website and an app. It features a variety of activities and videos that are designed to keep kids engaged. Its parent testers said they loved the app even before we started testing it.

HOMER Learning

This app is ideal for toddlers to second-grade kids, as it helps them develop their critical thinking and confidence. It also provides them with a personalized educational journey. The app features interactive activities, stories, and lessons designed to help children develop their skills and interests. Since the lessons are fun and engaging, the app keeps the kids’ attention and prevents them from getting distracted.

MarcoPolo Ocean

Kids had a deep dive into this app, filled with colorful and engaging activities. While building their submarine and playing with habitat puzzles, they came across some cool facts about life in the ocean.

Busy Shapes

This app is perfect for kids as it teaches them how to move shapes around and recognize objects. It is also aligned with the Montessori method, a hands-on learning approach involving learning through play. This app helps kids develop reasoning and logic skills as they interact with technology.

Nick Jr.

The app from Nick Jr. allows parents to let their kids watch their favorite shows on the go without watching TV. It has educational and not-so-educational games based on the company’s various programs and videos from all of its shows. You’ll need to provide your cable provider with information to access some of the app’s features. Even without this, your child will still be able to enjoy the complete list of features.